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5 Ways to Avoid Over-Paying for Shipping on Your E-commerce Websites

When creating an e-commerce store, one of the greatest challenges for both e-commerce website owners and customers is shipping. This is especially compounded if you have to ship heavy, odd-shaped and high-risk equipment or parts. As an e-commerce owner, you can’t offer free shipping for your customers because this will eat into your profit margins. You also don’t want to overcharge your customers for shipping. It will be a win-win situation if you make your shipping costs reasonable. These tips will help you save on your shipping costs, and it will reflect on the customers shipping cost as well:

Choose 1 or 2 shipping companies to take care of your e-commerce website’s shipping tasks

There are multiple shipping carries out there these days, for example, FedEx, UPS, and USPC. This means a little research can get you a cheaper carrier. However, the shipping cost doesn’t differ much. While it’s a good idea to go with the most affordable carrier, it doesn’t make any difference. That’s why it’s prudent to choose one or two reliable shipping companies and stick with them. Narrowing down to two or one shipping company alleviates any complication in the shipping chain, and if you ship in volumes, you can get great discounts from these shipping companies.

Integrate shipping manager software into your e-commerce websites

Shipping can become complicated, especially if your business scales up, which means you’re making sales of over $50, 000 each month. Hiring a shipping manager will help you save a lot of time; note that time equals to money with regards to business. The cost of hiring a shipping manager will be insignificant after the first two months, as the business will be bringing in a lot of money. The benefit of shipping manager software is that it saves you time and labor costs. Read more on how to obtain automatic shipping and tax rates from all major operators

The software avails all your shipping details in a single location, not to mention that some of the tasks can be automated. On top all that, some shipping managers can compare shipping prices and avail to you the best possible shipping price. One rule of thumb, however, is to ensure your chosen shipping manager integrates with your e-commerce platforms. The good thing is that most shipping managers come with a free trial, so you can try them out to see which one works best for your e-commerce solution.

Make sure you authenticate weight and dimensions before paying for your e-commerce website’s shipment costs

Before shipping, consider aspects such as weight and dimensions into consideration when putting a price tag on the shipment. It’s a good idea to ensure your staff is available when these measurements are being taken. Ideally, the staff must ensure that product details are measured and recorded accurately, and they should double check to prevent any errors. This will help you get rid of costs associated with inaccurate product dimensions and weight recordings.

Save costs on your e-commerce platforms by exercising prudence when buying packaging material

The packaging material is one aspect that adds up the shipping cost. When looking to purchase boxes and packaging material, desist from buying from retailers. Instead, buy from manufacturers. It’s obvious that buying from manufacturers is much cheaper than buying from retailers. This will help you bring down your shipping costs.

Just use the manufactures box when shipping your e-commerce platform’s products

On numerous occasions, the manufacturer’s box is so strong that you don’t need to go through the hassle of buying packaging materials or boxes. You can ship the product as it is or wrap a Kraft Paper around it. This saves both time and money.


Shipping will remain a challenge for e-commerce website owners. One way or another, the shipping cost is going to complicate your sales process. But if you make these cost-reduction techniques a routine, you’ll find that your shipping cost will go down substantially.